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Electric Fencer Repair
Kevin Blase
2406 E. 23rd Road
Polk, NE 68654

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  • On a seperate sheet of paper put your your full name, address, phone number, and any comments and attach to the fencer.  
  • Place fencer and above information inside the box.  
  • Pack fencer tightly using news papers, or any packing material. (styrofoam, bubblewrap)
  • Make sure your fencer is packed tightly and can not move around in the box.
  • Ship fencer directly to the above address via your local U.S Post Office, UPS, or Fed Ex.
  • Remember to include return address on the outside and inside of box.
  • Upon recieving your fencer, we will do a bench test and contact you with the cost of repair. Most fencers are able to be repaired at less than half price of a new unit, including labor and shipping.